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Here at The Green Hat, we pride ourselves in our excellent selection of genuine Dutch bicycles and the services that we provide. Established in Cambridge, a city known for its love of cycling, we now deliver to, and serve, customers from all over the country. Whilst primarily specialising in Dutch bicycles, we also sell vintage bicycles, both vintage and modern racing and road bikes and collectors items from very sought after brands, that feature components from the likes of Campagnolo and Shimano. Our bicycle stock is updated every 2-3 weeks and we usually collect 60+ bicycles each trip. 

Not only do we import bicycles, we also provide a number of other services:

  • Bicycle repairs and servicing
  • A 30 day warranty on all bicycles purchased from us
  • Free delivery within Cambridge and the surrounding areas (prices may change due to your location)
  • Part exchange
  • Bicycle sourcing: If you are looking for a particular bicycle, you can send us a request for it and we shall do our best to either collect one - either brand new or secondhand, depending on your preference - or to provide you with the details of where it is available; if this is not possible.