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Dutch Bikes

Dutch Bikes

The Dutch pride themselves in the pleasure of cycling, thus creating bicycles that are made to last. More often than not, people tend to buy 'Dutch style' bicycles thinking that they will be of the same quality and comfort as a genuine Dutch bicycle. 'Dutch style' bicycles are usually only made to look genuine and lack many, if not all, the key components of a genuine Dutch bicycle. Listed below are some of the key features of genuine Dutch bicycles, along with their benefits:

  • Wide handlebars/'sit up and beg' handlebars: designed to provide comfort and good posture, reducing back pain and other discomfort.
  • Adjustable handlebars: As above, as well as providing comfort to your hands and wrists.
  • Internal hub gear systems: Usually coming in 3-8 speed, internal hub gears ensure that, not only is it almost impossible for your chain to come off, but also that your bicycle will require little to no maintenance and will also be protected from damage caused by bad weather conditions.
  • Hub dynamo lighting: the use of hub dynamo lighting means that you are always visible and do not need to worry about batteries dying mid journey. 
  • Pannier rack: Allows loads to be carried safely and with ease.
  • Genuine Dutch bicycles are manufactured in the Netherlands itself and are highly popular for countless other reasons and are particularly praised for their quality and abundance of features, designed to ensure the best possible cycling experience.

There are many types of Dutch bicycle available, such as:

  • Omafiets (grandmother bikes), designed for short journeys , which are usually single or 3 speed.
  • Town city bicycles designed for everyday use and longer journeys, usually 3-8speed.
  • Cargo bikes, equipped with crate holders both on the front and back enable heavier loads to be carried and are also incredibly fashionable in appearance, therefore, highly sought after.
  • Touring bikes, equipped with the same features but usually come with many more gears, usually up to 30 speed.
  • Hybrids, mostly a combination of racing and town bike allowing a multi-functional cycling experience. Hybrids are usually recommended to those who live in hilly areas and usually have derailluer gear systems.